Our sanitiser story

When the COVID-19 outbreak arrived in Australia, like many other businesses it hit us hard. We were preparing to batten down the hatches and sit tight during the storm. Then Great Southern Distilling Company founder and Master Distiller Cameron Syme started receiving emails from doctors, hospitals, aged people care facilities and disabled groups, asking us to make sanitiser as they could not source any. 


It was clear to us that as a distillery we had a vital role in the fight against this pandemic. 


Within days our resources had been reallocated and production lines reconfigured. Our stills stopped producing premium whisky and gin, and for a time were purely focused on making ethanol for hand rub sanitiser. Six stills were called up for duty, and Cameron and his team worked around the clock 7 days a week to make as much ethanol as possible. The stills were not turned off in 4 weeks. 

We are very proud to have been one of the biggest hand rub sanitiser manufacturers in WA, and also one of the cheapest suppliers of hand rub sanitiser on the market. 

We are also really happy to have been able to donate hand rub sanitiser and prioritise access to a number of hospitals, charities, disabled organisations and disability carers, helping to slow the spread of the invisible enemy that is COVID-19, and potentially save lives. You can feel good about your purchase of our hand rub sanitiser, knowing that it allows us to distribute it to those in need. 

Hand Rub / Sanitiser availability

If your business or organisation is interested in purchasing our hand rub sanitiser, please contact us directly with your requirements. 

Our product is manufactured in accordance with the World Health Organisation 80% ethanol formulation.  


Large / Commercial Orders 

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