Our third and newest distillery is located in the breathtaking Porongurup Mountain Range, and is the home of Tiger Snake and Dugite Whiskey.


With wide-open space and views of the mountain ranges, the distillery makes the most of all the region has to offer, including drawing on the best local rye, corn, and malted barley to produce a full-flavoured whiskey.


The Western tiger snake (Notechis scutatus occidentalis) is a dangerously venomous elapid that grows to about 1 meter in length. They occur throughout the cooler parts of South-West Western Australia preferring wetlands, rivers and forests where they feed predominately on frogs but will happily take anything they can fit in their mouth. Some populations of tiger snakes have ended up on off-shore islands where they only eat birds and reptiles, and their body shape has changed to reflect what food they eat.


Western tiger snakes vary in pattern from all black with a yellow belly, to heavily banded with brown, yellow or orange bands. The dark colours allow them to warm up quickly in the cooler climate, and the banded pattern keeps them camouflaged in the dappled sunlight. Tiger snakes can be found in abundance in urban wetlands of the South-West which indicates a biodiverse habitat, and although being responsible for the most bites of European settlers they are quick to flee when spotted!


Written by Damian Lettoof

MSc Wildlife Health and Population Management

PhD Candidate


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Great Southern Distilling Company
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Class of Licence : Producer's Licence
Name of Licensee : Operatix Pty Ltd

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Class of License: Tavern License

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