Premium Whisky deserves a premium glass.


The Glencairn Whisky Glass was born in Scotland, with Master Blenders from across the country involved in its creation to ensure that the glass delivered the most optimum whisky enjoyment.


With a wide bulbous base, the Glencairn is perfect for swirling the whisky in the glass to aerate it, before the aroma is funneled through the tapered 'copita' style opening in a way that concentrates the flavours. 


Enjoy your dram of Limeburners with a splash of water and gently swirl to open up the flavours of the Whisky.


Inhale the aromas and take your first sip. Enjoy! 

Limeburners Glencairn Whisky Glass

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Great Southern Distilling Company
Licence Number : 6180109588
Class of Licence : Producer's Licence
Name of Licensee : Operatix Pty Ltd

 Margaret River Distilling Company
License Number; 602200221415
Class of License: Tavern License

            Name of Licensee:  Euphorix Pty Ltd

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